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Front-end development for you, your design and your brand.

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I am a front-end developer, but I have a keen eye for the visual details present in each design. My ability to work at the intersection between design and code continue to make me a valuable asset.
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I have worked for different clients across North America on projects for small businesses, recognizable brand names, and everything in between.
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I am always interested in a new challenge or hearing any feedback. Please feel free to contact me anytime.
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  • Delpark Homes

    for 52 Pick-up

    Foundation and WordPress are great and this site demonstates their seamless integration. Why Foundation over Bootstrap? Well, Foundation is tightly integrated within the workflow at 52 Pick-up. I take great pride in my ability to adapt to the requirements of a project and any previously established workflows used by my team.

  • EnerQuality

    for 52 Pick-up

    I have a passion for front-end development, however I find myself drawn to the growing capabilities of back-end platforms. Wordpress is no exception and working on EnerQuality was an opportunity to dig deeper into custom post-types, advanced custom fields, and modular templating. On the front-end Sass and the Foundation framework once again established themselves as reliable and responsive friends.

  • Twinrix

    for Globacore Interactive Technologies

    Often I am called upon to work on a project that has already been started. With Twinrix I came aboard to push the project past the finish line, which entailed numerous updates, revisions, and refactorings of code. I needed to work very quickly, communicate succinctly, and make both design and development decisions with little instruction.

  • Dr. Kevin Carlson

    for Redphone Inc.

    Redphone needed a quick turnaround for an easy to update site that would look great on all screen sizes. Bootstrap and Wordpress play very well together and this made the development of a custom theme both fluid and efficient.

  • Corcoran Real Estate

    for Teehan + Lax

    I was initially utilized to prototype pages for internal and client collaboration. Later, I became involved in developing the required modular front-end templates.

  • Purina App

    for Globacore Interactive Technologies

    Chrome app tailored for a large format multi-touch display. This app features full resolution graphics, 1080p video, and a custom built Pet Treat Calculator to calculate the recommended treats allowed per day based on your cat or dogs weight.

    *Images pending approval.

  • Community Works Canada

    for Redphone Inc.

    A great site built for a great cause. Built with WordPress, Bootstrap, Sass (LibSass) and Grunt.js.

  • Visa | TIFF Festival Hub

    for TBWA\Toronto

    I was brought in for the construction of the static prototype. This included writing the initial markup and style sheets which would serve as the template for further dynamic enhancement.

    *Sorry, this site is no longer available.

  • Virgin Mobile Canada | Members Lounge eCare

    for Teehan + Lax

    Modular UI/UX templates for integration into the client facing account management interface.

    *A Virgin Mobile Canada account login and password is required to view this portion of the site.

  • TweetMag Blog

    for Teehan + Lax

    TweetMag is a great iPad app for viewing your Tweeter feeds. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to develop the official TweetMag blog using WordPress. Although I work primarily on the front-end, this was a great chance to once again stretch some of my PHP muscles.

  • Bioré Get Ready Like a Rockstar!

    for Blueband Media

    Front-end templates with IE 7+ support for later integration into a Facebook application.

    *Sorry, this site is no longer available.

  • Mount Sinai Hospital 2009/2010 Annual Report

    for Marshall Fenn Communications

    Being the primary developer I was given the designs and a tight deadline. It was my job to build the required site templates (HTML and CSS) as well as implement the required widget functionality using jQuery.

    *Site re-purposed by client for 2010/2011 Annual Report.

  • Renewit

    for Marshall Fenn Communications

    Using my attention for detail, I crafted the initial designs into pixel perfect front-end code. As the designs evolved, so did the need for something dynamic and eye-catching to be displayed on the homepage. jQuery was the solution and implementing the code required was an interesting challenge. I made it work.

  • Universal Pictures Canada

    for Marshall Fenn Communications

    Working with a team of senior developers I aided in the front-end template development, where I honed my skills in writing cross browser compatible HTML and CSS. I also maintained the site by providing updates on a weekly basis.

  • Windermere Golf and Country Club

    for Marshall Fenn Communications

    Working closely with the art director, I enjoyed recreating the visual look and feel of this site using web-standard compliant code.

  • DDO Health Law

    for Marshall Fenn Communications

    Again, working closely with the art director, I was tasked to recreate the visual look and feel of this site using the provided storyboards.